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Green Friday!

This year lets support local

Its come to that time of year again where shops and e-commerce platforms bombard consumers with the latest flash deals on consumer goods. 

If you have a bit of spare cash and you want to get a few deals. perhaps this year do it a little differently.

Grab a deal below and helo support some of our homegrown products. Below are some of our favorite Irish Brands. 

Some Green Friday deals

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New Voucher!

Free Gifts for Everyone for the Month of November!

We are super happy with our new site that we have decided to give everyone who supports what we are doing something fun.

As some of you know we got some really cool bamboo straws and we now have a great new promo gift voucher code thats also a seed stick pouch!

What is a seed stick pouch you might say?? well its simple. Along with featuring a 5 euro off voucher code it also has 5 individual seed sticks that you can plant at home. each seed stick holds about 5 random herb seeds so you can grow some delicious herbs at home on your window!

And Better yet if you feel like sharing your venture on social media and tagging us. We will send you a unique 10 euro voucher code to spend on our store!

So every order that is over €50 you are guarenteed to get a seedstick voucher. anything under 50 we either give you 2 bamboo straws and a cleaner or a voucher card. its a lottery!

Everyones a winner baby!

But thats not all.

Over the next few months we are working on some really cool stuff to get our name and the eco agenda out there.

We look forward to having you all on our Journey.

Thanks you all!


Simple Tips to Revamp Your Bathroom

Bathroom sink

If you are like me, when you judge a home you start with the bathroom - it needs to look modern, clean and most importantly, charming.

Too often, bathrooms do not tick any of these three boxes for me and I cannot understand why; a few simple and reasonable adjustments can make all the difference.

Are you hoping to spruce up your bathroom for yourself or in case a snob like me calls around? Read on for Your Home and Garden’s top tips to revamp your bathroom.

Try these tips out for yourself and get the most out of your bathroom. 

Author: Patrick Nolan


Lighting in a bathroom is everything. Sufficient light in a bathroom means the difference between it looking open and inviting or cold and dismal.

A well-placed window can make all the difference, but many home-owners or renters have too small a window, a window facing in the wrong direction or no window at all. Here are some easy changes which you can make to improve the lighting in your bathroom.

Lamps & Candles

Lamps and candles are an obvious way to bring light into any room, especially the bathroom. Sconces or adjustable lamps on a wall can hit those hard to reach dreary corners of the room and give your bathroom a fresher and more modern look.

Candles, as well as providing light, set a relaxing tone for when you want to relax in the bath. As an added bonus, scented candles create an inviting aroma that lasts for hours.

Colour Scheme

Sometimes, a bathroom will have sufficient natural and electric light, but it is not complemented by the colour scheme. Be sure to consider colours that create a welcoming effect such as taupe, arctic blue, mint green or seashell.

There should be a maximum of three main colours in a bathroom and be sure to stick to the 65/25/10 rule: a well-decorated bathroom will have 65% one colour, 25% another and the last colour having 10%.


The mirror over your sink may be good for checking yourself out in before that 8.00 am rush each morning, but it may not be enough to properly light up the room. Multiple mirrors are a great way of bouncing light around the room and making smaller bathrooms look larger. Try to place them at angles where light can hit and brighten up other areas.


Decorations are a great way to liven up any bathroom and allow you to show off your unique style and creativity.

Different decor allows you to create a vintage, futuristic or bohemian look depending on your preference.


There are plenty of benefits to adding plants and flowers to your bathroom.

  • Add fresh air to the room
  • Soaks up humidity and helps prevent mould
  • Brings life, colour and a nice scent

Just because they are a great addition to bathrooms does not mean that you should go putting them in without any thought. Make sure you get the right plant for your bathroom: find out if it needs sunlight or can survive without it, make sure there is no danger to your pets (or kids) if consumed and make sure they complement the colour scheme.


Furniture in the bathroom can serve a dual purpose of being useful and looking good. You can choose unpainted wooden furnishings to give your bathroom a traditional look or paint them white to create a more classical vibe.

A chest of drawers or stand creates much needed extra storage space inside with the top being used as a second counter for all your extra towels, ointments and creams.

Similarly, a wooden chair can create an inviting look to your bathroom and can be placed next to a second mirror and counter, so you can sit during preparation for the day or night.


Do not limit the pictures and paintings in your house to the hall and living room, hang them up in your bathroom to bring it to life in a way which reflects your style. Once again, ensure it goes with the colour scheme and theme of the bathroom. More importantly, make sure you like it (let’s face it, you are going to see it five times a day).

All You Need to Know About the New Pay by Weight Waste Charges

From July 2017 all across the republic of Ireland the new 'pay by weight' charges will come in with immediate effect. This means that if you are not already paying for the weight of the rubbish in your bin already, you will have to do so within the next couple of months.

Each waste management company will be sending their customers out literature detailing their payment charges.

This idea is to help incourage customers to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste more effectively. If you are considerate and plan your recycling then this will mean a reduction of your bin costs. If you do not recycle and constantly use your standard waste bin you will probably be charged more.

  • Domestic waste bin will be the most expensive to empty
  • Secondly comes the food waste bin
  • And finally the recycling bin

How can I reduce my bin charges?

Well here comes the easy bit! To make sure that you are charged the least for your bins then here is the simple solution...

How to divide waste properly

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you are prepared then reducing your waste is simple! Organize your household, Office or workplace so that recycling is as easy as throwing your waste in the bin.

Having the right tools is essential

A triobin or a triple section bin is an easy way to segregate your bins into the 3 waste streams.

Reduce the amount of waste coming into your home

Shops are obliged to take away any excess packinging that you do not want to take home. Remove outer cardboard from pizza boxes and other unnessary packaging before you leave the shop.


A great way to completely remove a large portion of your waste stream is to actively compost in your garden or even on your apartment balcony

Vedgetable clippings, root vedge skins, gone off fruit are all great for turning into good compost but they often find themselves thrown into the food waste bin or even worse the standard waste bin. These are heavy items too so this would be a wise choice to consider. Purchase a compost bin for your garden or a Bokashi Composter for small balcony. All natural uncooked ingredients should be disposed of this way. Eventually these will break down into useful nutrients for growing vedgetables, herbs and flowers.

Keep a small caddy on your windowsill or under your sink for convenience. When this is full empty this into your composter.

Once the compost has enough food breaking down then the size will start to reduce. This creates an almost unfillable compost bin that wont cost you a penny to maintain!

Brown Bin Management

Most households in Ireland now have a brown bin outside their door. People are now starting to realise that these can become nasty and smelly very quickly if not properly managed. It can often be very costly too as this type of waste is very heavy.

Good management of this bin will save you money while also reducing the nasty oders that come out of it.

The most effective method for reducing this cost is to replace your small brown or food waste kitchen bin with a ventilated caddy and Biobag combo.

Biobags (branded) are made from breathable material which will let water evapourate from your compost. This in conjunction with a ventilated caddy effectively lets your food waste breath and reduce while also preventing bacteria to multiply effectively. This reduces the weight and the oder and you will begin to notice less flys around your kitchen! Up to 40% of the total weight can be reduced by this method saving you plenty of money in the long run.

These biobags cost fractionally more per bag then their counterpart cheaper bags. And if you have ever experienced using these before you will know that they break down too quickly, leak and cause an awful mess. So by spending a little more at the start, you end up spending much less when you start paying by weight.

Improve Your Kitchen with These Simple Tips

Kitchen with white cabinets
Author: Patrick Nolan

Lets face it. A kitchen defines how you want to be perceived. It is usually the first room you show guests when giving them a tour and it is the first room you go to when you wake up or come home from work. So, realistically this is the most important room in the house. It has to be yours.

Too often we allow our kitchens to become lacklustre. It is hard to become creative with your food when it is prepared in an insipid kitchen. Here are some simple tips to help you improve your kitchen and make your morning journey a fun one.

Glass Cabinets

Replacing your wooden cabinets with glass is a great way of opening up a kitchen and reducing ‘negative space’. This simple tip which you can do yourself (if you are handy enough) in less than a day while causing minimum disruption. Clear glass is great for showing off the contents off your cabinets, but you can also use patterned glass, coloured glass or frosted glass.

Minimise Clutter

There is nothing worse than a disorganised kitchen: plates awkwardly stacked on bottom cabinets, mugs stored with glasses, appliances strewn across the counter without having a proper place. All of this leads to confusion for your guests and meal preparation taking longer than it needs to.

There are several great ways to declutter your kitchen, all of which result in it being better looking and easier to navigate. Plate racks can be placed in shelves for a more organised look, a mug tree or mug rack is a creative and practical way to store mugs and a magnetic knife rack looks amazing and takes up very little space.

A Luxury Appliance

Treat yourself and your kitchen. Another way to improve on your kitchen and give it a contemporary look is to buy that lavish appliance you have always wanted. It might be an coffee machines, wine fridge, or slow cooker - go out and get it. Gifting yourself with this reward will show guests your unique taste and once you have it, you will wonder how you get by without it.

Colour Statement

Your kitchen would probably benefit from a new coat of paint, just ensure it goes with the new look. Trying to create a modern look? Apply a coat of white paint. Going for a more natural motif? Use earthy colours like olive green and beige. Maybe you want to create more of a warmer and welcoming effect - use a rich shade of yellow, terracotta or bronze.

Maybe you don’t want to repaint the whole kitchen. You can just paint your cabinets a new colour or apply a fresh coat of polyurethane to the timber. Either of these simple steps can give your kitchen a whole new lease of life.

Mix It Up with Furniture

Filling your kitchen with unexpected furniture has the effect of making a big statement while doing very little. Cushions and rugs can create a cosy impression which is great if you the kitchen is an area where you usually host friends. High chairs look fantastic next to a counter or with an island and creates a café inspired theme. You can also recycle old cabinets and drawers and (if you are handy enough) remodel them to suit the kitchen.


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